MMR Booster Requirement

Last week, my daughter had her IEP meeting. I was excited to see what progress she had made in school. Upon arriving, I met with my daughter’s teacher who directed me to the school nurse. I was wondering why but shrugged and thought it was a mere formality. The nurse then looked in her file cabinet for my daughter’s records. She started, “It looks like we are missing some records for your daughter. She needs a physical and also a shot” I looked at her, clearly perplexed, “Shot???” The nurse explained, “Our records indicate that she did not have the 2nd MMR shot- the booster. This is required for her to be admitted into kindergarten and also the ESY- Extended School Year” I froze and held my mouth from letting a blood curdling scream…MMR??? My mind raced as I knew for sure many parents attribute their children’s regression to the MMR shot that is typically given at 15 months. I then folded the paperwork and told her, “There must be some kind of misunderstanding but I will double check with my records and get back to you”

I went to the front desk and sat down as I awaited the teacher to take me to a conference room for the IEP. All her progress thus far may be halted by this “booster”. I just kept thinking of MERCURY, THERMOSIAL. I then just remember breathing in and just telling God to handle it. I just had this overwhelming sense of letting go and letting GOD.

The IEP meeting was a big success. My daughter is doing so well. The teachers are very optimistic about her future. The team is noticing everything we are noticing at home: decreased echolalia and decreased scripting, more social, ability to perform tasks has improved, more attentive, more aware etc. One thing that stuck with me is the fact that my daughter has started learning how to WRITE her name. She can spell and read almost anything but writing has always been long scribbles. The teacher stated that she has more control and is beginning to write her letters. I definitely believe that biomedical is helping with the fine motor skills.

Fast-forward to today when I was getting my daughter from the bus, the attendant proceeded to tell me that my daughter has been spitting all the way from school to home. I looked at them and told them there is nothing I can do. The bus driver and attendant are very good people but I just feel like it’s not their place for them to report stuff like this. I get it, they probably do not know anything about ASD…but I think it’s too much for them to give me “progress reports” when I really don’t want to hear. I had asked the teacher to tell them to refrain from giving me such “updates” but instead tell the teacher and from there, we can work a plan on how to reduce these behaviors. When they told me that my daughter was spitting, I told them, “Oh wow, there is nothing I can do at the moment and only pray” I know, I probably sounded strange, but basically I was telling them that it is OUT OF MY HANDS!

I think that is the approach that I have been sub consciously adopting. I am letting go of my frustrations and letting GOD take over. I am laying the troubles and worries on his feet and saying- LORD…here you go. I know I can’t heal my daughter, I can’t juggle all her treatments, I can’t afford them financially…but guess what GOD CAN deal with it. He has proven it time and time again especially when I was financially unable to fund the initial treatment for my daughter then he revealed to me GENERATION RESCUE. I proceeded to get a jumpstart on biomedical therapies. God is truly a wonder working God.

Psalm 55:22 New International Version (NIV)

22 Cast your cares on the Lord
and he will sustain you;
he will never let
the righteous be shaken.

Matthew 11:28 New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

1 Peter 5:7 New International Version (NIV)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

B12 Update + Starting Yeast Treatments!!

3 months ago, my daughter started the Methyl B12 shots. I don’t know if it was a slight regression or yeast die off, it was horrible. She started fecal smearing, aggression etc. There was a never ending list of what we were experiencing. I even asked the doctor if the fecal smearing was a side effect of the Methyl B12 and whether the full moon that I have been seeing has something to do with it (talk about losing it!) I pledged to keep on giving the shots and not skip a beat with her supplements. Whatever reaction is going on, it is probably a signal that something good may happen. As all of this was ongoing, I was astonished at how much my daughter had progressed. This whole period lasted probably 2 weeks, wow! I can’t believe this is how she was all day every day, possibly worse. I had forgotten how difficult it was raising a child who was labelled as “severely” on the spectrum.

After this whole crazed period, we started seeing another child. I am in tears as I write how good it feels. I am finally getting to know her. The following is what we have seen:

  1. Socially- Previously she never used to notice anyone or engage anyone. Now she says HI spontaneously. She engages her brother and friends. She takes turn to share an item (unless it’s the phone- she loves her music)
  2. Echolalia Reduction- My daughter would repeat every word and question verbatim. I would say “Hello Baby” She would repeat “Hello Baby” Now she actually doesn’t repeat. She says, “Hello Mama” and once she said, “I love you” and referenced my actual name! When she says her goodnights she doesn’t parrot what we say but appropriately says, “Good night mama…Good night daddy” etc
  3. Empathy- Never thought I would see this day! Before when she used to get hurt or when someone else got hurt, she would not even flinch. Her pain threshold too was like off the charts. Now when she falls down she rushes to me and says, “Boboo mama. It hurts. Blow” I then blow the pain away. Amazing! The other day her brother fell down when she was trying to lift him. She immediately placed her hand on her mouth in shock and said, “Sorry!”
  4. Eye Contact- With the fish oil, she started making eye contact. With the Methyl B12, she has started maintaining eye contact! Yes, MAINTAINING eye contact.
  5. She has started to use “Me” and “You” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (tears) She says, “Help me” when she needs help removing something and “Help you” when she wants to assist me with something. Etc
  6. Better fine motor skills- She has started using a spoon much easier. She had learned how to use a spoon when she was 12 months old and we have pictures of her eating food with it. She lost that ability with her regression. She can dress herself!!
  7. Swimming- she is learning to swim. We have a private instructor that is helping. She loves the water.
  8. And others…TOO MANY TO LIST!

I can attribute these to first and foremost GOD AND PRAYER. There were so many times (you can tell from some of my blog posts) that I wanted to just stop trying but God always nudged me forward and ministered to me through the Holy Spirit. In addition to that, I don’t think Methyl B12 is solely to thank. My daughter responded to it…slowly but I think that the other supplements she has been taking have been a blessing! I think Methyl B12 fortified the gains we were already seeing.

Previously, my daughter’s teacher had stated that my daughter would need support for much of her life. Now….ohhh now the tune has changed. Our last home visit she said my daughter is blowing them away with new things, “Where is she getting these stuff?” She stated that if my daughter keeps up she should be mainstreamed by 2nd grade!

After all these gains made me sit my husband down. He finds all these stuff overwhelming at times and he sometimes asks me if my daughter can have a “cheat day”. The answer is always NO NO NEVER!!!!. I explained to him that these gains need to be amplified by more gains as we try to be consistent with her diet, supplements etc.

With that said, we still have bad days. Here and there. I can handle them. Yeast is to blame because the days she acts like this; she pairs it with hysterical inappropriate laughter. The doctor had advised us to use Yeast Aid by Kirkman labs. The taste was too strong my daughter’s sensitive palate. So she absolutely refused to take it. We spoke to the doctor about this on the follow up visit and he prescribed taste free Enhansa from Lee Silsby Pharmacy. I have read the reviews and I am so anxious. Perhaps this next phase we will see her answer questions and hold a conversation? What I am dreading is the die off—oh brother! I will talk about Enhansa in my next blog post.

Thank you Jesus!