5th Birthday!

My daughter turns 5 years tomorrow. I am ecstatic that she will be going to kindergarten this fall. I think the full time schooling will assist her. The school that she has been accepted to is specialized for kids on the spectrum. The student to teacher ratio is really low, I am glad because she needs small classes at this point in order to thrive.

5 years ago today, I was being induced. I was so anxious to see my daughter. I thought of how we would be doing girly things. I thought of the tea parties, dances and silly conversations we would have. Things didn’t turn out the way I planned.

I watched the son rise program movie called A miracle of Love. I really loved the movie because it called parents to engage their children and enter their world in an attempt to “pull them out”. The underlying things in this program is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. The program founders believe that once a child on the spectrum is able to engage socially, everything else will follow. Raun Kaufman, one of the founders was fully recovered in the 70’s due to this whole program.

After the movie, I reviewed my daughter’s situation. She has numerous behavioral issues and sometimes it is easier to give her the Ipad to calm her down. I think this further puts her into her social isolation. As much as she has made great strides, she still needs to exclusively be in our world and not teeter totter between hers and ours.

I spoke to my husband about the son rise program. We do not have money to go for the complete training, so I thought of coming up with my own version of the program. I am excited because I know that son rise has LOVE and ACCEPTANCE as one of the foundations of their program. Truly, LOVE conquers all. We know that from the word of God. God gave us his only begotten son because he LOVED the world. He gave him to us so that we don’t die but have everlasting life.


I love you my dear, you shall be fully recovered.

Love, Mom.

Spiritual Aspect of Autism

John 10:10-29King James Version (KJV)

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly

I watched the movie Prisoners featuring Hugh Jackman. It is a riveting movie that follows two families that had their baby girls kidnapped. The children were locked in a room and given drugs. They were told that the only way they could go home is if they completed the puzzle book. I can’t even begin to think who on earth thought this twisted movie through. It seems too evil. The children seemed trapped in their own minds. They were truly physical and mental prisoners.

When the kidnapper was approached by dad, she explained, Making children disappear is the war we wage with GodMakes people lose their faithTurns them into demonslike you” I was like WHAT THE HECK? What a heart wrenching movie because there are crazies like this who are roaming on this earth.

After the end of the movie, the wheels in my head continued to turn. I then thought of how similar the situation was to my daughter. She seems to be a prisoner both physically and mentally. I know that people say that the kids on the spectrum do what they do intentionally, but I beg to differ. Why on earth would a child bang their head…day in day out on a wall. There is something…be it a chemical imbalance or whatever.

Children are beautiful souls. So innocent. We hear of them being “the hope and leaders for tomorrow”. Michael Jackson also sang that the children are our future. What better way than for the devil to “KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY” these precious souls. He is corrupting the view of children. Does the average person see a child with ASD as a hope?

Jesus loves the little children. It shows when he told the disciples to let the children come to him. What a loving God. All of these children on the spectrum have a plan from God. His will is to make them prosper.

After this movie, I went on with life. I hadn’t learned the lesson yet. So as usual, God found another way to speak to me. I remember asking God to give me a message and 1 week later…oh boy didn’t he speak. He underlined the spiritual aspect of healing for my daughter. I think I was focusing so much on the routines of biomedical that I totally forgot to actually STOP and continue to claim healing for my daughter.

At this juncture, I also read in the bible about Jesus healing a boy with a mute spirit. In Mark 9:14-29, the father of the boy explains that the son got the issue at childhood (regression) and became mute. He also seemed to have seizures (a third of children with ASD suffer from epilepsy as well). The good news is that Jesus healed him. I don’t think this is all pure coincidence. I believe that we serve the SAME GOD- today, tomorrow and forever. What he did then, he can do now.

I was floored by the revelations that God has been teaching me, day after day. He is opening the eyes to my heart and soul. We serve a mighty God. I pray that God continues to remove the scales of ASD on my daughter until COMPLETE healing is achieved. Amen!

Dear God RE: Autism

Where are you God?

I have searched you, I have sought you. I am still yet to find you.

I feel helpless as I watch my daughter, I can’t do anything

I am left with intangible tools: HOPE, FAITH AND TRUST.


How I wish you could come down and give me a hug and a word

To say that she will be ok and that I am on the right path.

How I wish you could come down and let me touch the hem of your garment.

I sometimes long for the tangible. Something that I can feel and see.


I feel like my heart is bleeding.

The pain comes from the depths of my soul and then spills into my heart.

It churns as I think of my beautiful daughter.


I don’t want my heart to die.

I want it to keep beating to the tune of hope and possibilities.

I want it to beat anew as I see my daughter come out from this prison.


She is being held hostage in her mind and her body.

She looks into my eyes and I see a thousand words

I can only hug her and pray that she understands that I will fight.


I need you Lord!

Be my strength and our healer.

Hasten the healing.